Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Liberia Part 6: Projects

Many of you will remember the "Lovin' Liberia Boutique" that was held to raise funds for projects that needed to be done in Liberia. Many of you were involved in that effort, and again, I THANK YOU!! Some of you gave to that fund on your own, and I wanted to make sure you got to hear about what was done!

The biggest priorities were:

1. Running water for the Daniel Hoover Children's Village (home with approx. 150 kids) This was an $8,500.00 expense... and it is almost finished now. Yeah! This will be BIG DEAL for the kids and staff! I cannot tell you the difference this will make in their everyday lives!

2. Bunk Beds for the Deaf Mission to get the mattresses up off the floor so that they do not mildew and mold so quickly, new mattresses covered in vinyl where needed, bedding, and mosquito nets for every child

3. Food!!!!!! Especially for the Deaf Mission that has been quite low on their supplies for some time

Liberia Part 5: Adoption News

Angel had meetings in Liberia yet again to try to see where adoptions are headed. The news is not good... in fact, it's downright discouraging if God is not the only one you put your hope in. I'll just reference her blog because there's no use me repeating the info that she does such a clear job at writing.

To be honest, after being in Liberia and seeing how things really happen, I find it almost humanly impossible to see adoptions taking place there. I am thankful to know that with God, all things are possible.

So... we are really no closer to being able to bring Kelvin and Hawa home. It has always been out of our hands, and it remains so... good thing God has a purpose and a plan that he's working out. We know that no matter what, if they come home to us or if they must stay in Liberia, God's ways are good and we will trust him. We wonder at times if he has used Kelvin and Hawa to bring our hearts to Liberia, quite literally... and that he has plans he will unfold in his time that are bigger than what we could have seen with our tunnel vision. Well, we don't wonder anymore... we know that is what is happening... we just don't know what it all means as of yet.

Keep praying though... we will not give up, we will not lose heart... we are in love with our children, and we desire to have them in our arms everyday.

Liberia Part 4: Initiaitives

To read about and see some of the projects we worked side-by-side on with our Liberian brothers and sisters, follow the link to Angel's blog, here.

Wow, take note. That's the shortest post you'll ever see from the likes of me! :)

Liberia: Images of our Time

Slightly out of order, but this is how you haul luggage in Liberia... strapped to the roof of the van... I seriously thought we'd lose it, but ahhhh... I had so much yet to learn about letting go of the "norm". :)

Matt and Tori on the plane from Brussels to Monrovia

Matt, Tori and Angel in line to be officially let into Liberia

Us... in that same line

Becky P, Vandora, Dora and I at the airport.. finally in Liberia!

(Yeah, so we had a Corrie & a Tori, a Dora & a Vandora, and 2 Beckys. Hmmm.)

Dora (2nd from right) was back in Liberia after having been adopted 6 years ago from the DHCV by Becky P (the one on the far left)... awesome!

I for got to mention that Brett Favre came with us... oh wait, no... that's Tommy

Trying to balance being a Papa (just met the kids an hour before), and a much anticipated visitor to the kids at the DHCV

Arrival at DHCV

Matt... swarmed with smiling children upon arriving at DHCV

Ahhh, be still my beating heart.

Jason and Co.

me and my posse

meeting with leaders before we began our work at DHCV

Tommy eating with the kids

Becky P. with my girlie

Us being silly! :)

Oretha ("Orita") - our AMAZING cook!

Our team at the start of our trip minus Becky L. (who lost her passport and got stuck in D.C for a bit) and Jason, who's behind the camera

The 3 guys on the team... all at least 6'4" I might add. A little strange... didn't know that was a pre-requisite.

My boys

Hawa with Ma Georgia... see how she loves my kids?

Jason and friends during a service at DHCV

Tori and her posse

Amazing food at the Guest House! Oretha's banana bread is Uh-MAZE-ING. Seriously, their pineapple and their bananas are like nothing you've ever tasted.

Tori filling out sponsorship forms and letters with the kids

How Liberian mamas carry their babies... American babies would never be allowed in such a contraption with their heads lolling back, but let me tell you... it works quite well, and the babies don't complain. :)

Vandora getting height and weight for the children's forms

laundry drying at DHCV... yep, on the dirt. It's as good a place as any.

One of the dorm moms doing laundry in tubs

Don't know where the bike came from, it's the one and only time I saw it... but Kelvin certainly enjoyed riding it!

Liberian children can sleep anywhere!

I told you... anywhere!

playing "lapa"

More scrumptious food at the Guest house

Vandora with her sweeties at the Deaf Mission

Dora holding a baby... she LOVED holding the babies!

Soccer at the Deaf Mission... these guys are SERIOUSLY talented. The World Cup was on all of their minds that week!

A sweet friend of mine drawing pictures for me on the whiteboard at the deaf home... what a great way to communicate for those of us who didn't know sign!

Same as above... talking through the written words!

Well at Deaf Mission

little friends

how all our meals were prepared; outside over a fire!

Vandora helping the boys to fill out their letters and sponsorship forms

Kelvin and his great smile!

Becky and Vandora signing the bible story at the Deaf Mission

Having conversations with the kiddos!

Preparing the land & planting Moringa trees at the Deaf Mission

stunts! Who needs a skateboard?

Tommy and friends

The older girls working on making beads

Angel helping to hand out clothes, goodies, and flip flops

Jason with someone we fell in love with

Instruments from the vendors

Hawa and her sweet friend

Jason with Opelo (spelling??) - staff at the Guest House

I want to learn to do this.

Me and my sweet girl!

Mealtime at the Deaf Mission

Playing paper, rock, scissiors with the deaf kiddos

The kids made bracelets one day... loved it!

Me and another girl we fell in love with

Everyone wants you to "Ta ma picha!" (Take my picture)

Liberia sights

Furniture store

Only 17 or so people in there... that's nothin', 20 was our record.

Monrovia sights

Ma Georgia... Kelvin and Hawa's foster Mom, and the adoption coordinator for ACFI. She had a baby girl just 4 days after we left! No one keeps track of when they're due, so we all assumed she had plenty of time left... um, nope! :)