Wednesday, January 20, 2010


At the time being, the US is only granting visas to kids who were matched with families before the quake hit. Obviously, we do not qualify. Our local agency was trying to be proactive in lining up more matches in the hopes that the US will extend that offer to such cases b/c the need is so dire. This was new info to me... I had understood that children who could be matched with homestudied families would be granted visas as well.

So- at this point, we cannot adopt a Haitian child for those reasons. Our intn'l agency is not in favor either though. Haven't heard a final word on it, but it would have to be the Lord making a way where there seems to be none.

That's OK... we trust God is in complete control. But I have to say, this is frustrating to our hearts. It's very difficult to see desperate need, to feel prepared and called to do exactly this sort of thing in life, and yet not be able to.

Thank you all for praying and for encouraging and loving us. I'm so grateful. Please keep praying for Haiti.

To Clarify

Just to clarify...At this point, they are only releasing children who have a previous orphan status through the Haitian system... and are matched with families. I just think some "quick" matches are trying to be made to allow more children to come to the US for safety. Children orphaned b/c of the quake are not eligible b/c they cannot be sure to be orphaned. Due dilligence must be done to establish that they are, in fact, orphans... and not able to be raised by family members or others. And right now, that's just tough to establish b/c of the chaos. What the hope seems to be is that they can empty the orphanages of children that have families waiting here or in other places... in order to take in the children that need care due to the quake. They'll have to sort out the true family status of each of the children at a later date.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The NEED...

AHHHHH... do you ever feel like you will explode seeing real NEED building around you? I do.
I do right now.
Several weeks ago, we were ready to move forward with the opportunity to bless 2 little children with a family and home. Two MORE little children besides Anika and Asher and Kelvin and Hawa. There were two siblings who needed a home, and we were ready. We weren't allowed to go forward with it, however, because of the policies of our international agency. They have great reasons for cautioning their families as to multiple adoptions within certain shortened time frames, and we respect that... although we know that God is more than able to equip us for the difficulties if that's what he has planned. We submitted to that authority, knowing that God had given us a clear answer about the situation. We will not do anything to put our adoption of Kelvin and Hawa in jeopardy, and that's what would have happened. The agency would not have wanted to place Kelvin and Hawa in our home if we had adopted other children less than 2 years before they came home. What's sad is that it could be 2 years before they come home...
we just have no idea...

Then the earthquake in Haiti happened. I've been following the blog of a young woman there, serving at an orphanage with orphaned babies. Wow. If you have time.... go back to her post right after the earthquake and read until you get up to date... this is what's REALLY happening. Not the media version. It's real, and devastating, and scary.


So- I'd been thinking in the last several days... what if the US allowed the children to come and be placed into families? What if our international agency made an exception to their policies b/c of the great NEED and the catastrophic events in Haiti? We would take a child in in an instant. The pressure of knowing that NEEDwas there in such a real way was just heavy on my heart.

So, then my local agency called. They told us that Haitian orphans are being granted humanitarian visas to come to the US to be adopted because of this crisis. (APPLAUSE for the US decision-makers in the matter!!!) They are in desperate need of homestudied families.
Would we consider adopting? ... they ask.
Of course we would.
Will we be allowed (by our international agency)?
That's the question.

It's difficult because the people making these choices only know us on paper. I wish they really knew us, and our hearts, marriage, and parenting. If they are emphatic and tell us that we cannot do this and expect them to place Kelvin and Hawa with us when they are allowed to come home, then we will, again, submit to this decision. But, I am praying that this situation could be an exception to the rules. These children need homes, and we are so willing. It is difficult to have your hands tied like this... but I do know that God will use these things to continue his plan for us, no matter the answer we receive.

So, I literally feel I could burst from this NEED... knowing I am willing and able,
but may not be allowed.

And so I am telling myself...

"Do not be anxious anout anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6-7