Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthdays for Boys!!!

Just a quick post to honor Kelvin and Asher who both have birthdays this week. :)
Happy 7th birthday to Kelvin on Tuesday, and Happy 8th birthday to Asher in 2 days (Saturday)!! Brothers with birthdays in the same week... pretty cool, I'd say.

Thank you, God, for my boys.
I love boys; they're just the coolest little beings. I love their energy and their intensity, their sweetnesss and their smells.
Love 'em.
Grow them up to be like you, Jesus... to be intent on the Father's will, to be tuned to the needs of others, to be strong and mighty warriors for your kingdom, to be leaders with integrity through servanthood, to walk humbly with their God.
Thank you, God, for my boys.