Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dream

I almost forgot to mention my dream! Several weeks ago, just after we got back from our trip out west, I had a wonderful dream. It was probably the best dream I've ever had.

I dreamed that I was in Africa, at the orphanage... and about to meet Kelvin and Hawa for the first time. I remember feeling hesitant, like I wasn't sure how to say "hello" for the first time, I wasn't sure that they'd like me or want me to hug them.

But then I saw Hawa... and I went to her and scooped her up, and all my fears were gone. She wrapped her arms around me and I knew she had waited for this moment as much as I had.

I was holding my girl.

After that, it was time to meet Kelvin. He was already playing a pick-up game of basketball with Jason. (what... how'd he get there before me?? Aren't we supposed to do things TOGETHER??) :) Anyway... I watched them play for a bit, and then I walked over to Kelvin and hugged him tentatively at first. Then I grabbed him and picked him up and held him tight.

I was holding my boy.

I just can't explain how amazing that dream was. The best part is... it will come true. I just don't know when.

I'll be holding my kids.

Soon, Jesus... soon.

The "Latest"...

Lots of you have been asking if there is any news on the kids. Well, not as far as the timeline goes. We still have no idea when we may be able to move forward with adoptions & eventually go and get them. The adoption laws are being re-worked right now in Liberia, and the government there is trying to get these laws passed. We are praying that this happens quickly, and that we are allowed to continue with the process as soon as possible, but we are still very relieved and joyful that Liberia looks to allow adoptions to continue in their country for those children who qualify.

Since Angel will be going to Liberia, we will be able to send letters and a few pictures to the kids again! We have also been asked to send 2 outfits each, since the orphanage cannot simply give away the extra clothes and supplies needed for these foster situations. We are able to help gather the simple things that the 25-30 kids will need, such as Tylenol, flip-flops, soap, conditioner, lotion, band-aids, etc. Any time we get to send ANYTHING to the kids, I am amazed by how excited it gets me! It's the only way I can care for my children, so it's quite the privilege! I thought long and hard about each item of clothing! :)

God is so good to us. This wait seems endless... we're very near 2 years since beginning our adoption process, first in foster care... and have now been awaiting Kelvin and Hawa for almost 9 months. The longer its gotten, the easier the wait seems. I know that sounds backwards... and I know that on some days it isn't exactly the case. BUT, God has been so faithful to show us His rewards for patience and endurance! It's been difficult, but I guess that the long journey with the Lord has shown him ever-present and ever-trustworthy and ever-good, so walking with him to the place where He allows those kiddos in our arms is not as hard as it felt before. Don't get me wrong, IT"S LONG!!!!! But, he cares for us so well that our burden is light... because, for the moment, we've figured out how to let go of it so that HE can carry it.

We have pictures of the kids throughout the house. They're just a part of everyday around here, even though they are not present. They each have a blanket and special stuffed animal waiting for them in their room, some clothes in the closets, hair products and lotions in the bathroom cupboard. Anika and Asher think of them and talk about them, and pray for them all of the time. When the time comes for them to come home, we will be BEYOND ready! :)