Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Poor Mail Lady

My poor mail lady... I had to apologize to her today as she trudged up my slippery steps AGAIN today. She had arms full of packages! I told her that her hard work for for a good cause, and that all these things being sent to us were for kids in Africa. She smiled and said, "Oh, that's ok... it's job security!"

I am receiving things from some of the sponsors that support kids in Liberia, through the ministry we are going to serve. It's so exciting for me to think of the many kids who will get their own 9x12" manila package full of special things, and the notes of love that they'll get to read. If you happen to be one of those sponsors, thank you. You are bringing hope and joy to a child, who I will get to hug on your behalf very soon! :) If you have a desire to plug into what's happening, please go to to find out about the sponsorship program, where all the money goes, and how you can be part of a Liberian child's life as well! It is our TOTAL JOY to be able to bring Sarah and Rebecca, our sponsored girls, their packages in person! I can't wait to hug them and hold them again, and I know Jason is super excited too!

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Ami Carr said...

Corrie, thanks for posting! Thank you for obeying the call and "visiting orphans" I am praying for you daily. How excited I am for you!